5 Things You Can Do Today To Boost Your Website’s Google Ranking

The battle is on for the website to be on Google’s Web search result’s page one:

If you are one of those that think that as far as web content is concerned search engine optimization and creative content writing does not go hand in hand, I strongly recommend that you think once again and then reply.

In my humblest opinion, if the customers are served brilliant and original content and in time then they can prolong their stay on the website longer.

There are three things that a good content must tick

  1. Get down to great content optimization
  2. Be able to fit the audience’s bill
  3. Be original and creative

Balancing these three things is not piece of cake. However, the winner is one where the three are so finely balanced that the content seamlessly merges with the website.

A lot of novice writers ask the seasoned ones how they should open up about the topic:

The topic may be known to the writer and the writer may also have an unbiased opinion about it. However, when it comes to writing it to the audience it becomes imminent that the writer is able to catch the nerve of the audience.

He/she can google with the keywords to find out what people around the world are talking about on that topic. Many times I have comes across some of the most hilarious answers to questions people ask on microblogging sites like Quora and Reddit. They can form on the basis of the content.

The language that the people talk on such microblogging site can also be borrowed to sound original and happening. I have found that if you talk in the way of your targeted audience, the message is reached instantaneously. This site that I am working on currently is for a teenage audience and I am looking to add a lot of linguistic appropriations that are peculiar to them. I am sure it is turning out great!