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Good Morning,
I assist the organization of the Année Boulle which is a series of events around the arts and crafts school Ecole Boulle in Paris.
The Ecole Boulle is one of the most important arts school in Europe in Design, Interior architecture, space design and art works since 1886.

Your blog is amazing with this diversity and the uncountable number of designers you promote. Our goal is to promote this school, the work and the events around and we are interesting about your blog.

Would you be interested to publish an article in your blog?

This is the link where you can see our blog : boulle.paris.fr
Let me know if you are interested by email.

Kind Regards,

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TOOB is a keychain made of recycled bicycle innertubes collected from Tel Aviv’s local bicycle workshops. Instead of throwing worn or punctured innertubes away, each one is cleaned, washed, hand-cut and buttoned - giving them a new purpose to serve and few more miles to travel.

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I would love to be featured on your blog!

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I love This Blog :D great work.

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