What You Need to Know About Social Media & SEO

SEO is important for growing all types of social media followings, although it is not always used as often as it should be. Here, we will take a look at how you can use SEO to grow your social media following on a variety of platforms.

SEO can help social media profiles appear higher in Google search results when used properly. This is great, as people often head to a company’s social media pages to find out more information about the business. Bing’s algorithm is said to use social signals, such as how many people you follow, or follow you, when a user makes a search. It is not yet clear whether Google does the same, but remember Bing is the second most-used search engine, so it’s important to pay attention to it too.

If you want to raise your social media presence, you might like to buy Instagram shoutouts. This is a great way to get more people noticing your profile, and is hence great for boosting search engine results. All social activity will help SEO efforts, whether it’s the number of people who have shared or liked a recent post or how many followers you have. Encourage users to share and like your content, perhaps suggesting users ‘press like if they agree’. You could also set up a prize draw for those who like or share your latest post.

It’s important to remember that social media sites also have search engines, so using SEO on your account can help it appear higher within social sites’ searches. You should take care that duplicate accounts don’t appear, or if you run a large operation with more than one account it’s important to clearly differentiate between them. For example, you might have an account specifically for customer service, whilst the main brand page shows new products and offers promotions.…