So wichtig sind PBNs für deine SEO Strategie

PBNs are nothing but Private Blog Networks, which are basically a system of complex authoritative websites that are used to create links to the client website, mainly with the intention of getting a higher ranking in the Google search engine. Therefore, if you are considering getting one for your business, then contact LynkHero for all your SEO-related services.

Although Google is completely against users who are resorting to PBNs to rank higher in searches, people are continuing to build PBNs to rank high easily. Thus, the question arises if it is actually worth using PBNs when Google has announced that it will be taking action against sites that use it to gain higher rankings. Most importantly, is it actually worth the investment in terms of time and money?

Why use PBNs?

  • SEO is a powerful tool that brings in a lot of traffic, which is very important in the e-commerce sector. Having PBNs gives you control and freedom that cannot be gained from any other link-creation strategies. With PBNs, you can control the links and anchor texts to what works the best.
  • PBNs give you instant authority over your website that could be relatively new in the market, thus gaining an upper edge over other established sites.
  • It saves you a lot of time that you will need to dedicate in reaching out to people or creating lasting relationships. With PBNs, you can take the easy route.

Why not use PBNs?

  • It is a very expensive affair to develop and maintain a PBN.
  • Moreover, creating a PBN can be very time consuming, as it involves finding the right domain that is worth purchasing and then developing the website based on all the essential webpage using the right mixture of theme, content, and plug-ins.
  • Further, not all websites that make use of PBNs earn a good return on investment and time.
  • You are also at a risk to be penalized with a manual penalty and putting yourself in a risk of getting your website deindexed. Both of which will result in a loss of investment and time.


Hence, you need to decide whether to use PBNs for your website based on the time you have in hand to spend. Moreover, you need to analyze the benefits, the risks, and the returns you would get on the investment made on PBNs. Controversial it might seem but it is only a matter of taking the right decision in the end.